Calendula Face Oil

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The Calendula Face Oil is our most gentle product for the face. It was tailor-made for people with sensitive skin, or who prefer not to use essential oils. 

Calendula flowers have been used for centuries in skincare and wound healing. These cheery yellow and orange flowers contain so many benefits for your skin! They are rich in antioxidants that help prevent and repair damage from the environment. Massaging your skin with Calendula Face Oil can also help increase blood flow, resulting in faster healing.

This face oil is a special creation and labor of love. The flowers grow in my mother's garden and are harvested by me, my mother and my young daughter in the height of summer. We then dry the flowers before infusing them in the oil for six weeks. We like to think that all the healing and warmth of the gentle Pacific Northwest sun goes right into each bottle of our Calendula Face Oil!

Ritual: Massage 4-5 drops into clean face and neck. Use morning and night.

Ingredients: Calendula^ infused jojoba oil*

^Hand harvested  *organic

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