About Gioia

Organic plant medicine is my maternal heritage.

I am a mother, Montessori preschool teacher and natural wellness advocate living in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up on a small family farm in Washington State, my mom was always making healing salves with herbs from her organic gardens or collected in the wild. Her incredible do-it-yourself spirit and commitment to life in harmony with Mother Earth are an inheritance I’m proud to uphold! My daughter Juniper and I love returning to the farm to harvest lavender, infuse calendula oil, distill helichrysum and connect with family traditions. 

I believe that plants have power. They work synergistically with us, wherever we are in that moment. I created my signature facial serum to support my sister when she was struggling with a skin condition, and the same mission to help women feel beautiful inspires Girl Meets Glow today. This isn’t about technology or zapping away the wrinkles. It’s about taking a moment to care for yourself in a clean organic way, and what that does to your spirit. It gives me joy to share what I make with others, and my hope is that through Girl Meets Glow I can contribute to a world where all women feel healthy, empowered and loved.

My mom and me in the garden.


Growing up on the farm.