Infuse your skin care ritual with unconditional love.

Girl Meets Glow was founded in 2017 with a philosophy of unconditional beauty. We are already beautiful! These formulas simply enhance that to create a healthy, natural glow attainable to all. The gentle botanicals work in harmony with your body, smoothing and balancing all skin types so that you feel nurtured just the way you are. This is about integrity—you can read the label and know you don’t have to worry about the contents. It’s about simplicity—just a few high-quality ingredients that are close to nature bring so many benefits. It’s about care—each product is hand-made in small batches, charged with rose quartz to infuse it with unconditional love, and crafted with intentions of kindness toward all who come in contact with it. It’s about healing—soothing away the struggles (and fine lines) with your own tender touch. And it’s about slow beauty—gifting yourself the luxury of a quiet moment each day to love and honor who you truly are, within and without!