Helichrysum Balm

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Helichrysum, also knows as Immortelle, Everlasting, and the "golden healer", has been used in herbal medicine since Ancient Greece. These names gives us an idea of all that this sunny yellow flower has to offer.

Girl Meets Glow Helichrysum Balm is lovely for all your skin troubles. Dry skin, bruises, mild irritations, burns, and scars can all benefit from the gentle healing of helichrysum and beeswax.

The Helichrysum plants are hand harvested from my mother's garden and infused into organic jojoba oil for six weeks. The slow process extracts all the oil soluble medicine from the golden yellow flowers. 

The beeswax used in this healing balm is also from my mother's farm in Sequim, Washington. Her bees are treated with care and have access to a wide range of flowers and blossoms. Beeswax is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to your skin. It provides a protective layer over the skin, allowing healing to occur in its own time. Beeswax is also filled with vitamin A, antiviral and inflammatory properties. 

All Girl Meets Glow products are infused with rose quartz and charged with Reiki energy to bring a feeling of unconditional love and unconditional beauty to all who come in contact with them.


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